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Right after I fractured three vertebra. I was able to walk around bend and sit without any pain and no pain medication.

Kate Hardman - Farmer

An old injury to my shoulder that was still causing pain, completely healed and the pain went away. Also helped cut the healing time in half after my knee surgery. I'm pain free and back to boarding!

Todd Menzies - Business Owner


I was diagnosed with a peanut allergy when I was 2 years old by a pediatric allergy specialist in Calgary. My allergy was classified as a "Plus 2" with "plus 4" meaning fatal reaction. After seeing Kory, I don't have to read all the labels for peanut ingredients, and I can rub peanuts on my skin and they don't leave red marks. I'm still not ready to try eating them yet.

It was recommended by Kory to see a medical doctor or allergist before consuming peanuts.

Julian Hudson - Student


I've tried a range of healing approaches in the past and nothing has been effective for long. Now I am able to spend time at friend's houses with little or no reaction to cats and dogs. Other reactions to dusts, grasses and pollens have also been resolved. I highly recommend trying it out!

Laura Shaw - Teacher

My horse faith is no longer anxious and her leg injury healed so quickly.

Krista Pettit - Horse owner and lover

My allergy to cats caused me to have itchy eyes. It was so annoying! I hated it because cats are my most favourite animal of all time, and because I love snuggling with our family cat. I also have a cat-sitting service. I visited Kory at Golden Clear. Now I can snuggle my cat, do my cat-sitting jobs and my eyes don't itch.

Julian Hudson - Student


Kory, what a miracle worker you are! It has been nine months since I had a migraine and this is indeed a miracle because, before you worked with me, I would have two to three a week. My doctor, who was insisting on a MRI, attending migraine sufferers classes, and the long arduous process of food elimination and selection, does not believe that they just up and took off after meeting with you a couple of times! Many thanks for your help and now I can have sugar and/or flour with abandon whereas before I needed to read the small print so as not to miss any offending ingredient.

Alice Wheaton - Bestselling author, professional speaker,
and Top line Turnaround Expert

Multiple issues

After many years of being sick and tired and medical tests all coming back showing there was nothing wrong with me, I sought Kory. She helped me overcome multiple issues with food and environmental substances, nutrient deficiencies and aid to maintain weight loss of over 40 pounds. I am healthy, have improved energy and no longer need to take medications for anxiety. Kory is a knowledgeable and inspired wellness practitioner and teacher. My sessions with her have been healing, enlightening, inspiring, and gave me the tools to achieve and maintain my personal wellness needs and goals. Thank you Kory!

Myia Sparreboom - Holistic Nutritionist


Golden, British-Columbia, V0A 1H0

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