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Drink plenty of water - avoid caffeine

Adequate water consumption is not only essential for effective sessions but equally important, to reduce levels of stress on the body and minimize toxic build up.
2 litres (8 - 8oz. glasses) of water should be sufficient water to consume on a daily basis. However, more water should be consumed in the summer or during excessive exercise.
Coffee, orange pekoe and black teas will actually dehydrate your body due to their diuretic effects. Caffeine in coffee and tea increase histamine levels in the body that can lead to reactions.

Should I be tested by my Medical Doctor or Medical Allergist?

During this recovery period, you may decide to visit your Medical Allergist to be tested for that particular substance. The results of the test will usually show as “positive”. This is normal. This is merely due to the substance bypassing the first line of defense when it is administered directly into the skin or bloodstream with a scratch test or intradermal test. Occasionally there may be an 8 month delay before you test negative to the scratch or intradermal test and a 6 to 8 week duration before you experience relief. This is largely due to IgE antibodies of the immune system. It may even take your body several months to reprogram the immune system to recognize the substance before complete recovery can be achieved. However, if you follow the guidelines mentioned above, you should find the program highly effective.

How long will it take before I see results?

Once the body has homeostasis, it is not usually requiring yearly visits unless one or more of the following factors are influencing your lifestyle. These factors will decide whether you will need more than one session with your Practitioner:

1. Your Level of Stress

a) Psychological - depression, boredom, anxiety, financial worries, marital problems, moving to new address, loss of employment, death of a loved one, weight gain, discord in families

b) Physical - injury, accidents, surgery, illness, strenuous exercise, dehydration, working/living near high voltage power lines or electronic equipment, weight gain

2. The Strength of Your Immune System

You may have acquired a considerable level of toxins as a result of poor eating habits such as: coffee, tea, alcohol, sodas, sweets, excessive processed food consumption, smoking, prescription drugs, chlorinated drinking water, the level of yeast (candida albicans) and air pollution. These toxins force your immune system to work harder to detoxify your body. In doing so, the immune system will be less effective in handling reactions.

3. Your Body's Enzyme Levels

Our diet consists of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Your pancreas produces enzymes called amylase, lipase and protease that aid in the digestive process of these foods. As we age, our pancreas may not produce enough of these enzymes required for adequate digestion and will require the immune system to compensate by lending their enzymes for the digestive process. When this happens, the immune system will be less effective in defending your body.
It is also important to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain a natural plant enzyme (cellulase) for proper digestion of plant fibre known as cellulose.

4. Your level of Hydration

Dehydration can be detrimental to your health for many reasons. In regard to symptoms, proper hydration is essential to the success of the session.


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