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About Kory Monteith

Kory Monteith

I got into this profession for personal reasons. Years ago, I had testing and discovered that I had celiac disease. At that time, the only relief could be found by completely eliminating gluten from my diet, which is found in things like wheat, rye, barley and oats. This diagnosis really had a serious effect on my life. If I wanted to go out for dinner or to family and friends for occasions, I had to make and bring my own dinners. Having celiac disease affects all aspects of a person's life and much of one's social life revolves around food. Traveling was nearly impossible and finding gluten free products was very hard. It is extremely frustrating for the individual as well for family and friends. After going gluten free for three years, a friend of a friends child who had a reaction to dairy, told me that she had success eliminating his symptoms with a alternative health care practice called BIE or BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination.

I knew there wasn't a cure for celiac disease, but I was interested to see what BIE was about. I went and had a session right away and I admit after the session I was hesitant to try wheat again. I started introducing small amounts increasing the amount over the course of a month and then one day had a piece of a croissant. Feeling no reaction, I went out and bought more and ate them all! I have been eating wheat and gluten since then and I no longer experience any symptoms of celiac disease. I always had symptoms growing up, I was constantly misdiagnosed, put on pharmaceuticals that made my symptoms worse, or brushed aside from doctors. The severity of my symptoms finally hit a peak in my early 20's. I was literally dying from the inside out. I was not absorbing any food nutrients through the villi in my intestines where nutrients are absorbed. The hair like fibers were completely destroyed. I was malnourished and deteriorating quickly. The greatest gift I gave myself was asking the universe why, why was I sick, what was happening to me? That put me on a path of healing. When I discovered that I was healed, I knew that I had to be a part the profession. I switched careers and moved to Golden shortly after.

Up to that point I had worked with an Ontario Catholic District School Board as an Intervenor for the Deaf and Blind working with many children with different diagnosis like autism. I loved my career, but the change was a progression in a journey I was already on. I attended the Institute of Natural Health Technologies located in Oakville, Ontario. I also became a Certified Nutrition Consultant having a certificate from the Packard School of Nutrition in Sudbury, Ontario. I loved learning about nutrition, it quickly became a passion, learning how to nourish and take care of myself, something we just don't learn in school. After beginning my practice I was healed of many allergies, different physical symptoms and emotional stresses from throughout my life. I was able to discover, forgive, make peace with, and let go of many traumas. This attracted the work of Delores Cannon and I became a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist.

My life has come full circle as I now work at an elementary school once again in Golden as an Intervenor for the Deaf and Blind. My life's work continues to evolve. I recently continued this expansion of awareness with a course in Reconnective Healing. I feel completely changed physically and emotionally and in my perception and awareness as a result of my own session and sessions with others. Sharing the sessions, giving and receiving balance from the inside out on a quantum level. The science is real and is an evolution in Einstein's theory of general relativity. This work with quantum physics with the zero point field, exploring how we are all connected and tapping into the field and our unlimited potential is my true passion and love.

I know in order to create healing we must learn to look at the bigger picture and at our selves with unconditional love and acceptance.

Consider our bodies miraculous machines that are communicating with us. What better way to get our attention then with pain, or when something is wrong. Then we start to take notice, ask questions and search for help. Our bodies are working for us not against us. They are only trying to give us a message that something is out of balance on an emotional and physical level. If we listen and are open to accept unconditional love and energy from ourselves and the Universe, we can heal anything.

A few of my clients have said it has changed their lives and I always encourage clients to give feedback on their experience.

It has saved my life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If I can help even one person, I know I am helping myself and the whole planet. I can honestly say from personal experience you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Golden, British-Columbia, V0A 1H0

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